Zillow Showcase Package

Enter a powerful new virtual world

Immersive 3D Content for any budget level

Panoramic Spotlights are a flexible way to add awesome 360° content to your listing’s marketing.

Invite your brand and your clients into an exciting new space for Real Estate marketing! Host virtual showings, get awesome social media content, and much more.

Every Panoramic Spotlight includes three full 360° images, and a virtual tour that also includes your Shoot2Sell photos. Then, you can add as many extra panoramas and audio clips as you like — or keep it simple and budget-friendly.

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Complete pricing table:

Zillow Showcase Package

Square Footage


36 Images,
Whole-home 360° tour,
& Interactive Floorplan

Includes upload to Zillow and standalone Virtual Tour from Shoot2Sell

Less than 2000 $ 318
2,000-2,999 Sq Ft $ 393
3,000-3,999 Sq Ft $ 463
4,000-4,999 Sq Ft $ 533
5,000-6,999 Sq Ft $ 638
7,000-9,999 Sq Ft $ 738
10,000+ Sq Ft $ ???


FAQ & Disclaimers

What is the difference between Standard and Premium quality Panoramas?

Standard Quality Panoramas are made with high-definition photos taken with a special 360° camera. For most properties, they deliver an immersive, beautiful result.

Premium Quality Panoramas are HDR images, made with multiple exposures using a DSLR camera and special 360° equipment. These panoramas are the best choice for larger properties with lots of natural lighting. Premium quality panoramas also have a higher level of detail to show off unique features, fixtures, and selling points.

See examples of each type of Panorama above.

What is the difference between Panoramic Spotlights and Matterport 3D Spaces?

Panoramic Spotlights include a virtual tour with three (or more) 360° images, and your Shoot2Sell photos. You decide which rooms get a 360° image, and you also get the flexibility to add audio, immersive embedded video, and more.

Matterport 3D Spaces are "walkthrough" 360° spaces -- every room in the house is a 360° image. Matterport 3D Spaces also include the Matterport "dollhouse" view. We can only produce a Floorplan from a Matterport 3D Space.

More details about Matterport 3D Spaces here.

What are Media Hotspots?

Media Hotspots are embedded videos, images with extra marketing copy, or background audio (pre-recorded by us -- not voiceovers).

The $49 minimum price includes five Media Hotspots. You can add also add more than five, for $10 each.

Here's an example of an Image Hotspot with marketing copy, from the example 360° Tour at the top of this page:

You can also find this example of an embedded video in the 360° Tour at the top of this page:

Hear an example of embedded background audio by opening the 360° Tour example at the top of this page.

Can I post a Panoramic Spotlight 360° Tour on MLS?

Yes. Our 360° Tours are MLS-compliant.

If you order Branding & Agent Info, you will receive two links at two separate URLs. One will be MLS-compliant (with no links or branding), and the other will include your branding.

See an example of a 360° Tour with Branding and Agent Info by clicking on the 360° Tour at the top of the page.

Can I order a single Panoramic Spotlight?

No, the minimum for our Panoramic Spotlight service is 3 Panoramas. This includes the shareable 360° Tour (see the tour at the top of the page for an example).

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