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CRE Marketing Strategies

The list of CRE marketing tools that are available in this digital age may seem long at first but we found a way to make it seem a little less daunting. If you read our post on How to Start Your CRE Marketing Plan, you now have a solid idea of what you want your CRE marketing plan to look like. However, if you find yourself stuck on the “choosing your marketing strategies” step, we’ve broken down a few key marketing tools that will help you maximize your CRE marketing efforts.

 Here are a few marketing strategies to consider when developing your CRE marketing plan.

High-Quality Photos

If you want to put your best foot forward, don’t make the mistake of leaving high-quality photos out of your marketing plan. Professional photography is always a great investment to make when marketing your commercial property.

Whether you are looking to market a multifamily community or an office space, professional high-quality photos will prove to be extremely useful for all of your marketing efforts. Strong imagery naturally attracts attention by bringing your property to life and presenting it in the best light possible.

These photos can be used as stand-alone marketing tools to enhance your property listing and as a base for all of your future marketing efforts. 

Immersive Media

Virtual reality allows you to create a fully immersive virtual experience that people can use to get a feel for your space without actually having to be there. With social distancing measures still recommended, immersive virtual experiences are great ways to safely show your properties to interested parties.

Virtual marketing tools that would be great for creating a fully immersive virtual CRE property tour experience include HD videos, 3D floorplans and our Panoramic Spotlights. These are all marketing tools that provide high-quality imaging from every angle of your property, optimizing your marketing efforts and attracting new renters and tenants.   

Social Media and Print Campaigns

Social media is a great asset for property managers looking to market their commercial real estate properties. Platforms that are often used for CRE marketing include Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn. Anywhere you can put your property in front of potential clients is a great place to gain commercial real estate exposure.

Social media marketing can be written into your budget as paid media or you can utilize it as a form of owned media. You have the option to pay and run targeted social media campaigns or you can use the social media features that are offered at no expense to promote your commercial property to potential clients. 

Not all marketing efforts have to be digital. There are still ways to run an effective print CRE marketing campaign in the digital age.

For example, you can use the high-quality photos you already invested in to create a customized flyer to send to your target audience. Whether you are looking to gain interest from local businesses, potential tenants or property investors, print CRE marketing campaigns can be used to increase interest in your commercial property.

These tools are all great ways for you to maximize the effect of your CRE marketing plan, but it is up to you to determine which is the best for your specific goals.

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