Home Builders Content Guide

Home Builders Content Guide

As a home builder, you spend your time creating homes that fit people’s specific desires and needs. This hard work should be promoted and advertised in ways that custom fit your needs the same way your work custom fits your client’s. Here’s a guide to how you can utilize marketing content to promote your custom homes.

Behind the Scenes Footage

HD videos are marketing tools often used to give home buyers a high-quality virtual tour of properties they are interested in. However, HD videos can also be used to promote a home building business and showcase the work that goes into each project.

Not only can HD videos give you the chance to show potential clients the hard work you put into projects, but they can also be used to showcase the great work you’ve done in the past. 

Before and After Content

Before and after photos may sound simple but they should not be overlooked when determining the best way to market your custom home building business.

High-quality images of your final pieces of work are always a must. You can then elevate these photos by putting them side by side to before pictures. If you are renovating a home, before and after pictures would be relatively simple. Invest in a photographer that will come in to take high-quality images of the space before you start working and after you complete your renovations. If you are building a new property on a piece of land, you can utilize aerial photos of the property before you start building and high-quality images of the home once you set the foundation. You can then use both HQ images and aerial footage to show the property’s full transformation.

Chronicling your work like this allows people to see and possibly understand the levels of the work that you do and appreciate it in its entirety.

3D content

3D content allows buyers to view a home from every angle without actually having to be there. For your home building business, adding 3D content to your marketing efforts allows for the same thing to be done with your custom properties.

3D content will show the details of your work and allow potential clients to get a feel for the way you build and design your properties. 

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