How to Calm a Nervous Seller

How to Calm a Nervous Seller

Selling a home is not an easy venture, for you or your client. They’re letting go of their home and entrusting you to help them with that process. It’s important for you to stay level headed as their agent and know how to handle the conflicting emotions they may be feeling during the process. We wanted to share a few tips with you on how you can calm your nervous clients as they go through the process of selling their home. 

Be an Asset 

Clients hire you to make the selling process easier, so the last thing you want to do is further complicate things. It’s all in the attitude. While working with them, you should exude confidence through everything you do. There has to be a level of trust between you and your client and one way to build that trust is to trust yourself. Your clients are going to feed off the energy you bring to the situation so coming into the process prepared, confident and level-headed is the first step in easing any nerves your sellers may have and being an asset to the situation and not a liability.

Offer Options 

People tend to be more secure in decisions they have a say in. While your clients may have hired you because they want you to do the grunt work in selling their home, offering them options helps them feel as though they are part of the process. A seller may begin to develop some nerves as their home is officially being put on the market because it is such an intricate process. With so many steps and decisions that have to be made, a seller may start to feel as though they have no control over anything that is happening. Everything is up in the air and that uncertainty may start to weigh on your client’s mind. 

There are many different tools you can use when it comes to marketing a home. If you see your client is getting nervous or they just want to have more of a say in the process, allow them to feel as though they have some control and present them with different options on how to market their listing. Show them a variety of marketing tools that fit their budget, give them a summary of each and if they are still uncertain about which is best for their home, give them a suggestion on what you believe would work best for them. You can even take the extra step and show them the work you’ve done in the past when marketing a listing.

Make Home Showings Easy and Accessible

No matter which marketing tool you and your client choose to show their home, it is important to make sure it is easy and accessible for both your client and a potential buyer. Research has shown that almost half the people who put their homes up for sale worry about having to keep their homes clean and ready for tours and open houses. Virtual tours not only take that stress away, but they are also safe and accessible ways to host home showings while many people are limiting the amount of time they spend outside of their homes.

It’s natural to have some nerves when selling your home because it’s such a big change and it’s a process filled with a lot of uncertainty. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t work to combat those nerves and get the job done. Your clients are looking to you for help so you have to remain confident in those abilities we know you have.

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