How to use Creative Photos for Real Estate

Using Creative Photos for Real Estate Marketing

Embrace unique shots to inspire curiosity

Real Estate photos should be informative, accurate, and appealing — but no one says they have to be boring! You can use creative photos of properties to inspire, delight, and sell faster.

If you’re a little unsurprised by seeing the same “curb appeal” shots over and over, you’re not alone. Your potential clients and propspective buyers are probably right there with you.

Of course, there’s nothing at all wrong with a perfect curb appeal shot. We pride ourselves on producing magazine-quality images for each and every property we shoot. Creative shots can be the perfect solution to stop a potential buyer’s scrolling in its tracks, or tease an upcoming listing or open house.

Some examples of Creative Real Estate Photography

The best uses of creative shots are to highlight a selling point or encourage curiousity. Take for example the striking staircase pictured above.

It immediately makes the viewer curious to look around — it’s the perfect opportunity for a post announcing, for instance, a Panoramic Spotlight! This kind of curiousity-engaging shot would energize Virtual Open Houses, upcoming listings, and even “just sold” announcements.

Check out some more examples of Creative Real Estate Photography below and let the brainstorming begin: 🌩️

We'll find the right angle

Sometimes a property has a compelling feature or fixture just begging you to show it off. Other times, it might take a bit of creative juice to find the right highlight.

In either case, our experienced team is here to hear your suggestions. From top-notch scheduling and customer service, to expert photographers, to in-house processing, we’ll bring out the best in your listing.

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