What Are Buyers Searching For?

What Are Buyers Searching For?


It seems as though every day, the real estate market is shifting. In such a dynamic market, it is important to recognize these shifts and tailor your marketing strategies toward them. This starts with understanding what potential clients are searching for and where they are going to find it. 

Many buyer’s journeys start with a simple Google search. This year, the top searched real estate terms include “Real Estate,” “Houses for Sale” and “Houses for Sale Near Me.” As the world has adjusted to the new restrictions brought on by Coronavirus, we are also seeing that more people are using terms specifically targeted at their local real estate market. People are searching for “local agents,” “local homes for sale” and even “local commercial real estate.” Taking this into account, it has become that much more important to strengthen your local network. One way you can work to make yourself more visible in the local market is by directly targeting your content toward it. 

Hashtags are a great way to get started with tailoring your content. If you use Facebook to market your listings and establish your brand, hashtags may not be the most beneficial marketing tool for you to use as hashtags are not common on the platform. However, if you utilize Twitter or Instagram, hashtags would be a great way to increase your discoverability. Some of the top real estate hashtags across the platforms include #realestate, #listing and #homeforsale. These hashtags can be further adjusted to target specific areas. If you want to focus your efforts on the local market, try adding the neighborhood or the city name to the hashtag (ie. #dallasrealestate or #uptownlisting) so that people searching for listings in that specific area can easily find you. 

Increasing your brand’s exposure is not always easy but there are always steps you can take toward it. Hashtags are just one of the many ways you can do so. The real estate market is always growing and changing, as are the needs and interests of your clients. You taking the extra step to understand what they are looking for and tailoring your content accordingly will give you the chance to meet them where they are.

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