The Digital Marketing Problem Solver

The Digital Marketing Problem Solver

The NEW Shoot2Sell Personalized Dashboard is just the problem solver you’ve been looking for. As the demand for virtual real estate marketing has risen, so has the reliance on digital means for organization. Now, not only does your content need to be high quality, but it also needs to be accessible to potential buyers, MLS compliant and easy for you to access and edit. The Personalized Shoot2Sell Dashboard covers all of these bases and helps you to overcome many of the challenges that come with the demand increase for digital marketing content.

Just 24 hours after your Shoot2Sell appointment ends, you will receive an email link to your Personalized Shoot2Sell Dashboard. The following are a few of the features that will be included with your dashboard: 

  • A personalized realtor profile with your contact information and branding options
  • Property Site Pages organized by listing 
  • An auto-generated printable listing flyer 
  • Property Site Page analytics 
  • Social Sharing analytics
  • Branded and Non-Branded virtual tour assets that combine all your listing video footage

Each feature is designed to help make the digital marketing process smoother for you and your clients. They also aim to solve some of the challenges that often present themselves when digital marketing service demand goes up as it has in the past year. Here are the top 5 challenges our clients have faced with digital marketing this past year.

Click on one to see how the newly designed dashboards help to tackle them.

Organize Content for Multiple Listings

If you use Shoot2Sell services for more than one listing, your dashboard will automatically generate property site pages that organize your content for you by listing. These pages will display all of your high-quality content, listing information and agent contact information.

Your Personalized Shoot2Sell Dashboard will take the stress out of keeping your listing content organized by doing the hard work for you. If you only utilize Shoot2Sell services for one of your listings, you will still have a property site page for that one listing.

For more information about navigating through your property site page, take a look at our Single-Page Page Property Site Walkthrough.

Decrease your Number of Content Links

Get rid of those cluttered links and condense all your listing content into one comprehensive site page. 

Each of your listings will have its own property site page that holds all your digital content for that property, allowing you to share all your listing’s digital content with one link. There will now be no need to list link after link for each of your digital assets. A single link for your listing content opens you up to a number of opportunities, a big one being the ability to track the viewers who visit your listing page. Now, with one link to funnel all your leads, you can promote your listing and track your leads all from the same page.

If you want to track the amount of traffic to your listing’s property site page, you can find those metrics under your dashboard analytics tool.

Simplify Lead Collection for Your Listings

Since all your leads will be funneled to a single page, it would be useful to have some form of lead collection attached to it. That is why we made it easy for you to collect leads directly from your property site page.

At the bottom of each of your property site pages is a lead collection form. Viewers who are interested in hearing more about your listing will have the opportunity to leave their name, contact info and a message. Completed forms will be emailed directly to you with the automatic subject line being the name of your listing, allowing you to identify these messages in your inbox. 

If you have a Facebook account you use to collect leads on listings, you can link it to your dashboard page which offers interested viewers the opportunity to message you directly via Facebook Messenger.

Combine Virtual Tour and 360° Content

A BRAND NEW feature that we have included with each personalized dashboard is a single digital asset that combines all your video content.

Your content will be organized into tabs for viewers to easily navigate through. Your high-quality photos will be found under the photo tab while your virtual tour and 360° content will be stored in the video/360° tab. Under the photo tab, you will have the ability to reorder your photos and even hide the ones you may want to leave out of your public gallery. The video section is where you will find your virtual tour asset that combines all your video content into a single digital asset. This video will include any interior, exterior or aerial footage gathered for your listing by your Shoot2Sell videographer.

This virtual tour can also be accessed through your dashboard where you can share both the branded and non-branded versions as needed.

Gather Social Sharing Data on Your Listings

Your dashboard allows you to workshop all your deliverables into the perfect marketing tools for your listing. 

All the content found on your dashboard can be shared directly to any of your linked social media accounts. The social bar included on your property site page will also help you easily share specific listing content directly to your network on any of the supported platforms. You can also use the analytics tool included on your dashboard to track all of your social sharing insights. 

You will have access to both your branded and non-branded content through your dashboard. This means you can have your social media content and MLS-compliant content all finally stored in one place with clear indications of which is which.  

The demand for virtual content will continue to increase and getting a handle on the best ways to organize and share that content now will set you up for success in the future. For more information on setting up your dashboard for success, take a look at our dashboard resources below.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the opportunity to have your very own Personalized Shoot2Sell Dashboard, head to our booking page to schedule your first Shoot2Sell appointment.  

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